Chilcotin Ski Trip February 2002

Our destination was 35 km from the end of the road and any power line
deep in British Columbia’s spectacular Chilcotin mountains.
It was beautiful, and an adventure.
The photos are more or less in the order that they were shot.
CLICK pictures to enlarge.

Robert attempts a telemark turn on skis - Hollyburn MountainThis first picture was not in the Chilcotin, it was taken the week before the trip during the day when the group of us first met each other. We assembled to ski and have dinner together. The pic is posted here because there are so few images that show Robert actually doing a telemark turn. It isn’t all talk, okay?

In the snow cave - Chilcotin Bivouac - benightedWe are feeling better now. It is about 10:30 pm on the first night, and we are in our snow cave. This was not part of the plan — its a real bivouac. It became dark and was lightly snowing, yet we’d not found the refuge of our cabin. About 6:30 PM we decided to dig into the deep snow. We had lots of food, but no cooking ability, and we were short of water. Fortunately some of us had experience building snow structures. This shelter worked well. I mean, it saved our lives… it was a very cold night.

Day one was mainly resting and recovering from the bivouac. We found the cabin shortly after first light. It was barely more that a bump in the deep snow. No one had been there for weeks. We had to dig it out. Also we had to tunnel down to the creek for water. Time to make fresh ski tracks in the Chilcotin hillsSo, we were busy with housekeeping.

Day 2 began like this. Look at where we are!

Still in the Forest - and smilingAvalanche Terrain Aheadnear the tree line

We plan to ski up that glacier

The Our destination is that colCol doesn’t look far. For a long time all that happened was that needle of rock became bigger and the glacier steeper

It was windy and cold up at the col

Nippy at the top

Not many pictures on day 3. Windy Snowy Cold - during a breakWe did a tour and enjoyed whiteout conditions. Note the angle of the snow.

Traversing the hill at the tree line

Day 4 was our last day to tour in this location. Weather was lovely.

Breezy (sometimes gale force), Loving the snowmainly sunny and cool.

Enjoying the dayEnjoying the day?

That’s a helicopter landing pin. Helicopter landing pin (not something we wanted to see)The ‘copter came by to look at us and decided to assault another hill.

A wonderful glacier to skiWe are about to drop down to this glacier heading for another high col. We were close enough to the summit to scramble up, but we arrived too late in the day.

The ski up and down the glacier was outstanding.

No more pics, we are out of film and batteries (this was before we had a digital camera).


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