The Road to Bowen Island

It is a three-mile, 20-minute, trip across Howe Sound from the Mainland to Bowen Island. Islanders complain about the complications to our lives as a result of the Ferry’s schedule. But, if we didn’t like the separation, we could choose to live on the mainland.

Here is our ferry, birthed in Horseshoe Bay:

Bowen's ferry birthed in Horseshoe bay

Okay, with this I’ve learned how to upload and post pictures. And that one is nice, but kinda large for the theme that I’m using now. Actually it would be biggish for most of the themes here. It means that if a reader is looking at only this post, some of my menu items in the column to the right are blocked. I could use a theme that puts that information at the bottom of the page. Most of those themes have a single column, and any picture that is too big is chopped off on the right side. Yes, it means smaller images. But I like them big!

Big discoveries:

1. When I use the Firefox browser to edit, I have a toolbar of editing options, so I can use bold, italics, and more. Even spell-check!

2. If I click on that huge picture, it had handles, and I can re-size it. I just did. It is certainly not a glorious as the original, but it now fits in this column.

Another discovery: writing on July 2, While I did scale the picture to fit the column, the actual picture remained unchanged. So if a reader were to right-click and choose to view the image, or copy the image, s/he would see the larger image I uploaded here. I wonder how much storage the nice people a WordPress allow for us freebee users? BTW, unlike the Flickr images, this image is stored here at WordPress, and not at another site.


1 Response to “The Road to Bowen Island”

  1. 1 James July 1, 2006 at 5:55 pm

    This comment is to see how comments work. James is very close to Robert.

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