Blogging directly from Flickr

The previous entry, including the picture of the sailboat with the green hull, was composed, not here, but in Flickr. A few points about doing that:

  1. Since the entry is associated with a specific picture at my flickr account, such an entry can have only one image. I suppose I could make several postings from Flickr – with one image for each – and then take the code that shows the imagery for each, and back here in WordPress, combine the code in a single entry that has several pictures. Since the posts are live to the Internet when I push the button over at Flickr, there would be a period when those individual posts would appear here and before I had the opportunity for editing the posts into a single entry here, I suppose that a reader could make a comment, or Google could catalogue the site. Is this an issue? I think so. I have posted pictures at my Flickr site, and one of my friends, whom I know uses an RSS feed, had commented within seconds — actually before I saw the newly uploaded pics on Flickr myself. (They were uploaded with non-Flickr software, so I was not at Flickr at the moment they were uploaded.)
  2. The code for the picture, as it appears here in WordPress, makes the picture into link back to Flickr. This is good because over there the reader can choose to see/download larger images than the one that appears in the blog.
  3. Flickr’s posting at this site also includes a link with my name over on Flickr… which is HoweSound. If this is a distraction, I could simply remove it while editing here.
  4. The entry about the green-hulled boat has not been edited here. So, you can see exactly what a Flickr-blog post looks like.

2 Responses to “Blogging directly from Flickr”

  1. 1 Elizabeth July 4, 2006 at 1:52 pm

    Just wondering what the direction of this blog will be…

  2. 2 Robert August 4, 2006 at 12:44 pm

    So far, it is more an exploration of what can be done with a blog and specifically with WordPress than it is of the waters around Bowen Island.

    As you can read in other posts, we’ve been looking at MarsEdit as a way of quickly writing and posting. Also we’ve tried to post a picture directly from Flickr. There is a series of posts on our attempts to create an RSS feed button for people who use aggregators.

    I think that a blog without pictures is a boring wall of type. So I’ve made sure to use pictures. In keeping with the idea of the Salish Sea, most of the pictures used so far show some of beautiful Bowen brine.

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