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If you have stumbled across this blog, and you think you will find out something about Bowen Island, Howe Sound (did you know that Howe Sound is North America’s southern-most true fjord?), the Salish Sea, or anything about my life and opinions — the kind of stuff you normally find at blogs — that was not what this site was all about when it began.

This is an online experiment to try out the WordPress software and to learn about blogging in general.

If you bother to read what is here, you will be able to follow my voyage of discovery. If you are as clueless about blogging as I was when I acquired this site, you may find the articles instructive.

Since blogs are presented in chronological order, what you will see first is the latest post. And that is the current end of the story. So to follow my progress, you need to go to the beginning. Use the calendar in the sidebar. The beginning was June 30, 2006. Actually, if you look at Jump to the Month, you will see that the first post was in 1988. Do you think that I was blogging in 1988? Check out that post to see what this is all about.

If you are new to blogging, the navigation may be a bit confusing. Any time you are lost, click on the words, Salish Sea, in the header (top of page), to move to the top of the blog. Much of the navigation uses the sidebar with the calendar and navigation links (on the right). Most of those sidebar features are similar to other blogs, but exactly what is offered there is a decision made by the blogmaster.

Oh, one more thing. It is now the end of October 2006 and I am not sure that there is much more that I want to learn about blogging. So, there may not be many more entries. But, we will see, eh?

Another edit, now Dec. 2, 2006. Somehow this blog has grown to more entries than I imagined would appear when I started. It is becoming easier to add to it. If you are interested to find out who is the author of this blog, you are welcome to visit Robert’s web site. Do you have a web site or a blog? How about a link to this site? Thanks.

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