When Categories fail

Here is a bit of bloggery that I will forget if I don’t record what happened.

I wrote that bit yesterday about a wonderful wet romp up to the new new snow on Mt. Gardner. And created a new category called Backcountry. Backcountry is a word my spelling checker does not know; but all wilderness wanderers use it. And us environmentalists make a distinction between frontcountry and backcountry activities.

When I clicked my new category to try it out, it opened a page that reported:

Error 404 – Not Found
Sorry, but what you’re looking for isn’t here. Perhaps you typed a URL incorrectly or clicked on a broken hyperlink.

Then I found that clicking ANY of my categories led to that page. What had I done? I tried reposting that new article, and a few other silly actions, and finally went to the WordPress Site for a solution. I posted my problem in WordPress Support » How-To and Troubleshooting. Moshu, the Moderator wrote right back to say:

The right forum for you is at http://wordpress.com/forums
(we are the wp.ORG guys here)

Howesound wrote:

Thanks moshu. I suppose I should understand the distinction between org and com at wordpress. Anyhow off I go to the world of com-merce.

At the WordPress.com/forum a sticky message recognized the problem with categories, and promised a fix. So, there was no point in my posting anything. And I see that today it is fixed.

At another sticky, Andy the Key Master provides a full description of the difference between WordPress the ORG and WordPress the COM, here: http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=3700. It was good to find out about this, and to discover this helpful forum.


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