Still Winter on Bowen Island!


Snow is a rare event on this balmy island in the Salish Sea. It is November, it has snowed, and now it is sunny and cold. This snow is not vanishing. That’s the upper plateau of Black Mountain on the mainland. The view is from Miller’s Landing on Bowen.

I grew up in Montreal, where snowfall-in-winter was almost a daily event. When I’d arrive home, I was expected to go out and shovel.

After 8 winters in Toronto, the forth season seemed like a major inconvenience. I remember downtown streets of black, gooey slush.

Then the 13 winters in Winnipeg were wonderful. Cold, sunny, clean, stimulating. I loved it. I’d say about the Manitoba weather that it was lovely or spectacular. Nothing in-between.

Here we seem to keep our winters up in the mountains. I call it Toy Winter because the weather is so mild and wet that the snow is frequent, fresh and lovely — but seldom cold enough to hurt. And it is only a short drive from the coast up to lots of snow.

Today there is crunchy cold snow down to sea-level, and from my office, I have a glimpse of the trees up on Mt. Strachan which are caked with hard icy snow. That’s about 6 KM away.



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