A Bit More Winter on Bowen

That pic was taken only a few moments ago. It will be snowing for the rest of the afternoon. The forecast for the City of Vancouver is for the snow to become rain overnight. We’ll see, it is often just a bit colder here, around the corner, in Howe Sound.

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What amazes me about the snow that we receive here on Bowen Island is not that we have it in the first place (the part that seems to astonish the locals). This is Canada, after all. The True North Strong and Free. I expect snow.

All of my life, about this time of the year, I’ve experienced snowfall. What seems normal to me is that this snow should form the base layer of the snowpack that will be here until spring.

Somehow, here on Canada’s wet coast, a modest snowfall seems to paralyze the whole community. What Montreal calls overnight snow flurries, is described as a blizzard here.

So, the airport (YVR) forecast has a red banner with the words Snowfall Warning Continued, and the promise: Snow changing to rain overnight. Snowfall amount 5 to 10 cm. Becoming windy. Temperature rising to plus 3 by morning. I know that it could be a bit nippier here in Howe Sound, so I’m not sure that we will have rain on Bowen, or just more snow.

Regardless, even though we have snow now, sometime in the next few days it will be warmer. And the part that shocks me is speed at which all of this lovely white stuff vanishes.


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