White Flowers on the Trail to Rainbow Lake

White flower

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I’ve wondered how to pull in images from a Flickr account to show on the blog. Ecto’s program (donationware), called “1001” seems to be able to do it. I want to show thumbprints in the blog, and larger images when the thumbs are clicked. Try it, and then read the rest of this article. Edit to add align=”right” border=”5″ to the pictures code

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Rainbow Lake is the water supply for the town of Whistler. The trail is on the West side of Whistler and climbs between Sproatt and Rainbow mountains. I took these pictures this summer.

After I have given 1001 permission to access my Flickr account it will show me 20 of my recent pics at that site. I cannot seem to be able to access more… only the last 20 pictures posted to Flickr. This limitation is odd, and a bit annoying. How annoyed can I be? 1001 didn’t cost me anything. At least I can see the code required for the image. With that as instruction or an example, I suppose I can modify that in PageSpinner to do what I’d like (display thumbs horizontally, & perhaps some popup title tags; or perhaps have the copy appear beside, or wrapping around the thumbs).

If I select one picture from 1001, and ask to blog this, it opens an Ecto composition page and pops in the picture.

I can choose the size and shape of the thumbprint, and the size of the image that will appear when the thumb is clicked. If I want more than one image in a post, I have to then cut and paste. Well it works.

At least this is using Flickr storage, and not using up my WordPress allotment.


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