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For composing my posts to this blog, I’ve been using the highly rated program called ecto. The folks at WordPress changed something in the last week and a few features have not been working. The Refresh function, which is supposed to ensure that my local ecto files match the actual blog, would hang ecto. WordPress fixed their code in a few days. I am still having a problem (new this week) uploading any pictures to my WordPress site using ecto. So the last post has pictures that are actually stored at Flickr.

This article is an attempt to construct some code that will present thumbprints (I like large ones) in the blog that will show a bigger image if the reader clicks on the picture.

Here is the wide shot of the wall of mountains on the east side of Howe Sound. I took this picture when I was on the ferry heading up into those hills for my first ski of the season. I hope that you will see a thumbprint to the right of my text. And if you click that print, it should take you to a larger image.

Moving along to another picture…

If this is working, this one should be on the left.

It is worth looking at my previous article. Depending on your browser, you may find that the right side of the image is missing in the blog.

I hope that this is working for all browsers and operating systems. Well, it is an experiment, so we’ll see. Let me know. And be sure to click on those images, and then use your back button to return.

BTW, if you want to read the ecto forum on the subject, it is here: Ecto Forum thread on this subject

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1 Response to “Thumbprints from flickr”

  1. 1 Jimmy December 13, 2006 at 6:12 pm

    I have spoken to Robert, and he has allowed comments to be posted to this blog… with some restriction. So, at Robert’s request, this comment is being posted on Wed, Dec 13.

    Will it appear in the blog right away? I’ll “submit” and see.

    Cheerio… Jimmy

    Thanks Jimmy. I’ve just approved your comment.
    – Robert.

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