Cold & Power Outage

This is how Snug Cove looked as I left Bowen Island earlier today (Saturday). There was snow on the ground and the power had gone off sometime before dawn on Friday.

In the pictures we are on the Queen of Capilano, and we’re leaving for the mainland and its warm shops and pubs.

I was in town over night on Thursday for meetings. It rained during the night. Lots, even for here in a rain forest. And it was extraordinarily windy. But that was at 3 AM. Well, the winds over the water reached 120 KM/hour. When I woke on Friday morning, the sun was trying to shine and it seemed like benign weather. As I started to drive home, I turned the radio on and discovered what had happened. Over 100 thousand people were without power, the trees were across the road and it would be after noon before the Lion’s Gate Bridge would be usable. Many traffic lights were out, and since people don’t know the rules of the road in that situation there were many accidents across the City.

It was breezy, but the ferries were running and I had no difficulty making it home. But there was no power on Bowen. It was below freezing. Friday night was dark and chilly.

On Saturday there was a thin layer of snow on the ground, still no power, so we fled to the mainland.

This was the third major wind storm and massive power outage for the season. It is some sort of record, and it is not even officially winter.

Power was restored when we arrived home off the last ferry.

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