Internet Explorer browsers could not see my sidebar

A friend using Internet Explorer on a wintel machine could not see my sidebar. With the help of the WordPress forum, and some luck I found out why and what to do about it. Click Continue below for details.

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Readers here will know that I switched to the theme called K2 Lite recently. They will also know that like to present pictures when I can.

Mostly I mess with the blog using Firefox for the Macintosh. I check it in Safari. I compose articles and publish using ecto.

Yesterday, a friend sitting at wintel machine phoned to say there was no sidebar on my blog!

She was using Internet Explorer. I tried viewing the blog with the old-now-unsupported IE for the Mac — and sure enough: no sidebar. Well it was there, pushed way down to the basement of the page.

The problem seems to be related to some of the pics. They are bigger than the column. On the other browsers the pictures are automatically scrunched to fit in the main column (that’s good!). IE just pushes the whole 2nd column (sidebar) below the first. On some pages that means it has sunk so low that it is out of sight.

I posted the problem here in the WordPress forum thread. There was a speedy response from WordPress Key Master Mark and help from a member: timethief. If this is of interest to you, follow the link for more information.

With that advice, and by experimenting, I found the easy solution.

I thought that the problem meant that I had to have the pictures from the other web site (Flickr) be pre-sized for WordPress. Fixing all of those, and then re-attaching them to the blog would have been a nightmare. That is not necessary (it is probably best if the original image in flickr is a bit larger than I’ll need in the blog).

All I needed to do was re-size the image in the edit field of this blog in WordPress. There are 2 ways to accomplish this.

  1. The easy way. Using the [Visual] version of the edit box, click the picture to select it. Simply resize it by sliding one of the corner-handles in toward the middle of the picture. With the K2 Lite theme, the width must be less than 500 px. Using the corner handles maintains the proportions of the image. After you have re-sized, look at the size in the [Code] version of the edit box. After you have done a couple you will be able to judge the size just by looking as you re-size. That’s it!
  2. Using the [Code] version for editing, in the src= tag for the image change the values for height=”hhh” width=”www”. If you like the height you could leave that and just change the width to something less than 500. That will scrunch the width of the image and leave the height. This is what was happening automatically when a browser used Firefox and Safari.

This solutiion seems to work when I check this out with the Internet Explorer 5.2 for the Macintosh. That’s the most recent version for the Mac, and the browser is no longer supported by Microsoft.

I will still have to check this with some wintel versions. And probably Opera and iCab too.

If you have these browsers, or use a wintel machine, perhaps you could check this blog and see if the sidebar appears at the top-right. Let me know, or post here. Thanks.

Happy holidays!


2 Responses to “Internet Explorer browsers could not see my sidebar”

  1. 1 Renwick December 26, 2006 at 6:42 am

    Enjoyed your company yesterday. Leaned lot too.
    Viewd you blog using OPERA 9.02 – works perfect.

    Be well

  2. 2 Robert December 26, 2006 at 8:27 am

    Thanks for checking this site with Opera. I was amazed when, after using this theme for weeks, a friend described what she was seeing at her wintel computer, and it was not at all what I imagined.

    Best wishes

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