Time to build an igloo!

Folks are ready to build an igloo. One of our group looked at the site, and there is lots of snow. We have a tentative plan to build this on Friday, December 29. Click Continue for the details and links to maps. Edit: click We Built an igloo for the story and pictures of the finished igloo.

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The plan is to drive up to the parking lot beyond the nordic ski area in Cypress Bowl.

If you are a participant, here is where to go. Park as close to the end of the road as possible (past the nordic buildings, and past the toboggan area). The lot at this end is used as access to the cabins in the forest. We will be using the path that allows people to walk into Hollyburn Lodge. We will be just south (outside) of the Provincial Park.

This is the interactive satellite map that shows the road from the Upper Levels Highway in West Vancouver to Cypress bowl (it was used in a previous blog entry).

Here is the closeup detail of the path to the igloo. Since the Google satellite map has a bit of cloud on it, I suggest that you zoom and pan to explore the area.

From the end of the parking lot, walk for about 5 minutes or more along the path. There is only one path and it runs generally southeast. BTW, this can be slippy, and is often difficult if you don’t have suitable footwear.

You will come to a major T-intersection. Note where you are because you will not want to miss this turn on the way out.

Turn left and walk uphill (Northeast) for another few minutes.

The igloo site is along a side path on the right of the main trail. It is about 1/2 way up to Hollyburn Lodge. So if you find yourself at the lodge you will know you went too far.

A caution if you are reading this and wish to visit. The igloo builders love visitors, but are very possessive about their snow. As you approach, call and ask about the best approach to the igloo site. During construction they try to keep the snow around the igloo untramped. This comment refers to dogs too.

If you want to participate, please bring a shovel or a big bucket. Or both. Dress warmly — you will be standing around. And have boots suitable for deep snow. Some food and a thermos of a hot drink help keep spirits up as the hours go by.

It seems we are not the only igloo builders this year. Read: A Snow Fort Built for Two

The igloo was finished. Details here and a full report on ClubTread.


2 Responses to “Time to build an igloo!”

  1. 1 Robert December 30, 2006 at 8:29 am

    The igloo is complete. It is an igloo with an inside diameter of 10 feet. This is the second-largest possible with the system we use. The access is through a door way beneath the igloo ‘foundation.’ This keeps the interior warm and, by maintaining the integrity of the foundation, should slow the collapse of the structure.

    More details and pictures in a future post.

    If you visit I’d love to hear how the igloo is doing (and see your pictures). If the igloo does not experience warm weather or vandals, it should last for weeks.

    There is talk of people wanting to spend the night there. If you are interested please contact me directly so we don’t have 2 parties arriving for the same night. Write to IGLOO (at sign) ballantyne.com, or call me at 604.947.0815. Among the words in the email subject field please include “HOLLYBURN IGLOO.” Thanks.

  1. 1 Igloo building tentatively planned for Sunday « Salish Sea Trackback on December 27, 2007 at 2:25 pm

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