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Vancouver Fog

Vancouver Fog

I was in Vancouver for meetings today. Sunny day in Howe Sound. As I headed into West Vancouver I drove into fog. I couldn’t resist the 5-minute trip up to the first lookout on Hollyburn. The road led up out of the fog. Heavy damp clouds blanketed the city, but I could see the snow capped mountains to the east and south of Vancouver. The big one is the volcano, Mt. Baker. Lovely seaside weather. Oh, please click the thumbprint.

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The links in the sidebar of this blog have been reorganized provides for a Blogroll in the sidebar. This is supposed to be a list of links to other blogs recommended by the author of this blog. I had been putting all of my recommended links there. Links that are not to blogs have now been shifted to new sidebar lists called, Interesting Links, and RSS Feed. Some of the technical reasons are discussed in the next pane.

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Too many pictures of snow! A walk around Killarney Lake

Reading this blog, you’d think we have a lot of snow on Bowen Island. I guess I’ve been showing snow because I like to play in snow and because it is so unusual to have it near sea level. We did have snow, and now most of it has melted. A couple of us walked around Killarney lake today.

Killarney Lake Weir

[More in the next pane. BTW, the images are thumbprints…]

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Great Backcountry Skiing on Hollyburn Mountain

The conditions at the summit of Hollyburn Mountain today.

This still amazes me. It is raining in Vancouver. There is no snow on the ground. We found snow as we drove up the hill from West Vancouver — it began somewhere around 500 meters altitude. [Continue in the next pane…]

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Why is a family member escaping Bowen Island?

Continue in the next pane for the story.

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Igloo Update – It survived the thaw! Sort-of

One of the Igloo builders called me with a report on the condition of the igloo described earlier in this blog.

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The High Road to the Snow in SW British Columbia

The road to the high places in SW BCThe climate around the Salish Sea is one of the mildest in Canada. So we have only a few days of snow every winter. For those of us who like to ski, there is lots of snow in the local mountains. Knowing where to find it on a day trip from Vancouver is the key to planning.

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