More snow at sea level around the Salish Sea

AWD van - new snow - morning gloom
We woke to find 2 or 3 cm of snow had fallen. It is wet and the temperature is just at the freezing level. The van is heading out in the morning gloom for the 8:35 AM ferry. These are the days when fat tires and all-wheel-drive makes a big difference for controlling a vehicle. [more…]

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The forecast is for up to 10 cm of snow at higher elevations in the city. Temperatures should rise by this afternoon, so it will rain and all of this will vanish.

Unfortunately members of the family were heading into town. They decided not to take the 7:35 AM sailing. At that hour the roads on Bowen were not plowed, it was dark, and it would take them into the worst traffic of the day.

Whenever we have conditions like this there are accidents all around this urban region. Folks (like me) from the east who have driven in snow all of our adult life often comment that west coast drivers don’t know how to cope. Actually, these conditions are particularly treacherous and are frequent here. This is different from typical eastern driving. The temperature is hovering at, or just above freezing. There is just enough snow or slush to keep the tires from having good traction. The pressure of the tires on the snow creates a film of water which makes the road feel extremely greasy, and real control is difficult. Also, most of the roads here are not flat. Very greasy conditions, plus a slope, can mean a loss of control.

When it is colder, such as I experienced for most of my winter driving in Montreal and Winnipeg, the compact snow is much less slippy.


3 Responses to “More snow at sea level around the Salish Sea”

  1. 1 Robert January 5, 2007 at 9:14 pm

    It is now after 9 PM. Here on Bowen, the temperature is well above freezing and it is raining. All of the snow has gone. In the local backcountry hills there will be a high risk of avalanche tomorrow.

  2. 2 alpenglowpro January 7, 2007 at 12:34 pm


    I enjoyed your blog and the work you have done…..I have used igloos extensively in the mountains as a survival mechanism and to save weight in not carrying a tent…

    You might enjoy my photo blog on wordpress too mine is alpenglowpro and have a site too

    maybe we could link???

    best greg

  3. 3 Robert January 7, 2007 at 5:44 pm

    Hi Greg, I am delighted to add to the blogroll. Your new blog is beautiful and ambitious. I am looking forward to the future posts. Best wishes… Robert

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