Great Backcountry Skiing on Hollyburn Mountain

The conditions at the summit of Hollyburn Mountain today.

This still amazes me. It is raining in Vancouver. There is no snow on the ground. We found snow as we drove up the hill from West Vancouver — it began somewhere around 500 meters altitude. [Continue in the next pane…]

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By the time we reached the parking lot (on Hollyburn Mountain) the 2-wheel drive cars were slithering around on the compact snow. There were lots of people out to enjoy this fine mild winter weather. It was snowing heavily.

There is lots of snow up there this year. This is a treat because it is not always like this.

Two of us skinned to the top of Hollyburn on skis. Along the trail there were hundreds of people on snowshoes, and some skiers too.

Yes, I know that the avalanche danger for these mountains is high today. We took a couple of precautions. First, we have had training, and we had the gear (transceivers, probes, shovels). Second and more important, we decided to forego freshies for following the tracks of avalanche poodles.

We realized that the snow was going to be great when my buddy stepped out of his bindings to adjust something. He found himself up to his hips in deep snow.


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