The Sunday Ski on Hollyburn Ridge

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Leaving Bowen Island on the 9:30 AM ferry (yesterday), I could see fresh snow above 3,000 feet on the mountains. We were headed for the usual destination on Hollyburn Ridge.

There was some fresh snow, but only about an inch covering the breakable crust that had been broken up by many snowshoers. It makes for challenging skiing. Since we were in the cloud, the lighting was flat, and that also makes skiing difficult. For these reasons we didn’t go to the top but tried to find something soft above the bench below the summit — it showed little evidence of recent traffic. The snow over there was nicer, but the mood of the wilderness with the magical drifting clouds was somewhat shattered by the voice of an announcer on a loudspeaker associated with an event over at the downhill area.

Just as we’d pulled our skins off the skis, the clouds parted and we could see the Sunshine Coast.

By the time we’d skied down to the last pitch before the groomed nordic runs, we were just below the clouds, and we could look over the Ridge at urban Vancouver. Thereafter the day became mainly sunny.

Constant rain today (Monday).

Pictures (click thumbprint for larger image):

  1. From the ferry on Howe Sound. Note the snowline on the mountains.
  2. Passing a working tow boat.
  3. Fog and trees on a bench near the top of Hollyburn Mt.
  4. View to the west down to the Sunshine Coast.
  5. View to the south of the distant City of Vancouver.

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