This year March came in like a… ?

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Great weather for the first of March. [click the title if you don’t see the rest of this post…]

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Lately folks have been complaining that we’ve had lots of cold and rain. I know that in the urban areas people are beginning to think about their gardens, and want mild weather. But my friends who were snowshoeing in the local hills on the weekend reported 1-1/2 feet of new snow up there. I love hearing this.

There was some sun today, but at one point I looked up from my desk and the air was full of snow. I couldn’t resist going outside. It was quite cold and the air was very still. Huge flakes were drifting slowly down like feathers. When I looked at the flakes, each was actually a cluster of snow.

The sun would shine again, and the snow didn’t last.

For a number of reasons I have not been going to the hills to ski. At some point I’ll probably do some serious whining here as to why. This spring, if I don’t ski much, it won’t be because of the lack of snow.

Last night I went across the island to pick up my daughter. Overhead was a brilliant gibbous moon. There were stars shining in a black sky, and mountains of clouds. The whole scene had a cinematic shot-day-for-night feel to it. Suddenly as we were driving, it was snowing. “How can it be snowing when there is no cloud overhead?” she asked.


1 Response to “This year March came in like a… ?”

  1. 1 timethief March 2, 2007 at 4:18 pm

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful “chilly” photos. 🙂

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