For the birds

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An interesting discovery near the top of Hollyburn Mountain. [click the title if you cannot see the rest of this article…]

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I just made the 8:35 AM ferry off Bowen. I had errands to do in town — but first we planned to ski on Hollyburn.

The day was dark with clouds almost down the the sea. I knew that it has been cold enough that the recent precipitation would be snow in the hills. But the temperature was rising, so if we were to enjoy the new fluff there was no time to waste. Sure enough, it was not snowing when we parked in Cypress Bowl. The snowfall had turned to light rain. Fortunately that stopped shortly after we started up, and most of the time we were skiing in cloud.

There was lots of lovely new snow. Not many people had been up the hikers’ route ahead of us. No dog poop visible along the trail. Someone seemed to have enjoy walking on the snow beside the path… the track showed the snowshoer was wearing traditional gear with a gut weave. It is an unusual sight nowadays, with all of the high-tech footwear on the hills.

All the trees were dripping furiously and heavy avalanches from the branches were plopping down around us all the way up.

It took us an hour of skinning from the trailhead to the summit. The exposed dome at the top was breezy, so we tucked into the shelter of nearby trees to have a bite to eat and prepare to ski down.

My buddy noticed that in that place someone has hung food for the birds in the trees. It looks well tended. Someone has a fair hike to care for these birds!

There was about 8 inches of damp fresh snow. It nicely rounded the bumps, and we had a fine ski down. There is an outstanding snow-pack this year.


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