Replacement ferry || Wet day for skiing

Deck of the Bowen Queen
On Bowen Island we believe in ferries

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If this does not look like the ferry pictured in the current image at the top of the blog it is because it is not. The big ferry at the top is the Queen of Capilano. Most commuters prefer it because it can carry 85 cars. It is off having new thrusters installed and otherwise being refitted. So until April 6th the run is managed by the Bowen Queen. It has a 70 car capacity.

I prefer it.

I think it is more to the scale of Bowen Island and Snug Cove.

But I don’t commute. And I usually don’t mind those times when I have to wait in line for the next sailing. I came here for the island life, not for easy access to Vancouver and the mainland.

The lower side walls on the deck mean I can see more of Howe Sound from my car.

So, I’d like it better if the road to Bowen was more of a path than a highway. Some folks would like a ferry that is bigger than the Queen of Capilano. I’m not one of them.

It wasn’t raining when I left to go skiing. It was by the time we were at the Hollyburn parking lot. We skied in pouring rain and cloud (no pictures). At the summit it was windy and just cold enough that the rain was mainly graupel rattling against our Gortex.

Gortex or not, by the time I was back at the car I was soaked. Actually the fresh damp snow was lovely for skiing. I was very soggy, but not uncomfortable and I was having a good time. Weather like this certainly keeps the crowds away.


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