Is the answer to storing pictures online?

Many of the images you see here are stored on Flickr. For a number of reasons, Flickr has disappointed me this season. So this week I was trolling the Internet looking for a better place to stash images. I am wondering if is it.

Edited to add the following answer to the title of this post: NO! AlYouCanUpload was part of WebShots. Webshots was bought by American Greetings which subsequently pulled the plug on AllYouCanUpload.  I read at the AG site, “American Greetings also creates and licenses popular character brands through the American Greetings Properties group. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, American Greetings generates annual revenue of approximately $1.7 billion.” For months at the following has appeared: is currently down for scheduled maintenance. We will be back shortly. All photos that are already inlined are still available for everyone to see.”

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Flickr seems to know more about creating a social networking site for photos than any other offering on the web. Their restrictions for the free accounts, and the requirements of being part of the Yahoo family meant that I was not ready to pay them (I almost did) and caused me to search for something that would at least support my blogging and maybe my whole suite of web sites. (My disenchantment with Flickr is a longer story than I want to explore here.)

This week I may have found what I am seeking with

I understand that this is part of Webshots and is owned by CNET. I hope this means that the images filed with them are secure for the long term.

The service is explained in this review by Arrington at TechCrunch.

It is really simple.

  • Nothing to join.
  • No passwords.
  • No limit on the size of images.
  • No limit on the number of images.
  • And no ads!

Just go to the site and upload the pictures. Be sure to remember the URL because they are not tagged and there is no reference to the person who uploads.

The site is here:

About the only advantage to CNET for providing this free service seems to be that, after storing pics here, you might want to use the services of WebShots.

The panorama in the previous blog entry, Sunday Snow, has the panorama and the thumbprint stashed at AllYouCanUpload. So far, it all seems to work, and work well. That panorama is much wider than anything Flickr allows for free.

WordPress allows users like me to upload images here, but eventually my allotted space would be used up and then WordPress will want money. You may have noticed that I like pictures, and I’d use up my allotment fairly quickly.

AllYouCanUpload sounds almost too good to be true. If you know something I don’t know about this service I’d appreciate hearing about it. In the meantime I’ll continue to use the site.


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