Queen of Capilano returns

upper deck of Queen of Capilano, departing Bowen Island
Upper deck of the BC Ferry, Queen of Capilano, departing Bowen Island
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Last Wednesday the Queen of Capilano returned to service the Bowen Island run. I wandered around it on Saturday when I headed out to ski (see previous article). Fresh paint everywhere. It adds a tang to the smell of the ocean and diesel fuel.

This year’s refit included some major work. BC Ferries reports:

Significant in both scale and scope the Queen of Capilano refit involved the following work to ensure its continued safe, reliable and comfortable service:

  • Service on the main engine
  • Installation of a new propulsion system with enhanced durability and spare units
  • Installation of a new propulsion control system
  • Maintenance to passenger washroom
  • Installation of new carpet in passenger lounge
  • Paint and coating renewals
  • Service to electrical and mechanical systems
  • Service to life saving equipment
  • Recertification of ship safety systems
  • Dry-docking and servicing of all underwater systems

The new propulsion control system requires careful tuning to reach maximum efficiency. This process will take several months and may occasionally cause increased of sailing times (duration) of 1 to 2 minutes.

If you look at the hills, it certainly does not look as if there is much snow up there. Were you to hike or ski up any of the local hills, that illusion changes dramatically. Up there it seems as if the whole world is snow, and it is only down in the hot musty valleys that things are green and gloomy. Most people who drive up past Whistler never see the mighty icefield that is the source of this fjord called Howe Sound. I find those places of high snow, ice and rock beautiful, strange and thrilling.


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