Took Friday off to ski

On the satellite images we could see the low pressure system spiraling towards us. But it didn’t arrive on Friday, as predicted. Realizing that Saturday and Sunday could be rainy, early Friday morning we decided to take the day off and head for the snow. Pictures and story in the next pane. [Click the title if you do not see the rest of this article… ]

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Low Pressurre system approaches

The heavy weather from that low pressure was already flowing across northern Vancouver Island; but at the speed it was moving, I didn’t expect precipitation on our side of the Salish Sea until dinner time. We made a quick decision to ski, piled the equipment in the car, and headed out.

My daughter is new to telemarking, so we did a single run on the abandoned (for the summer) bunny hill on Strachan Mountain, and then went over to something a little steeper. It took me years to learn what she picked up in a day. I was able to photograph her first run of linked turns.

At the top
telemark Left turn image number 2 telemark right turn image number 3
telemark Left turn image number 4 telemark right turn image number 5
telemark Left turn image image number 6

With All of the earth-moving happening in Cypress Bowl as part of the Olympic preparations, the snow is grimier than usual — but not as bad as the pictures seem to show in these pictures. I’ve increase the texture of the snow so we can view how well the skis are carving.

The snow is melting, but there is still lots all the way down to the road. This year’s cool spring and considerable snowpack has the BC government braced for flooding.


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