Using AllYouCanUpload

Lately all of my online pictures are being stored at AllYouCanUpload. I have no complaints about the access, the price, or the speed of delivery. I recommend it (certainly over Flickr). It is free, there is no limit to the size of the images, and they promise that they will be available forever.

Edited to add: This service has been discontinued. See the comment at the end of this article.

This article is also a plea for someone to create an uploader.

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything that is just about blogging, eh?

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There is a commentary at the bottom of this page. In the fields below, you will see the code offered to you at the site. I had hoped that you would see the pictures my browser returns, but WordPress didn’t like the code.

Here is what I did for this article. First I uploaded a large (800 MB) image of a Salmonberry Flower from April 2. It is 2769px x 1623px. I had fiddled it in Photoshop. Reduced to 33% it might fit on a computer screen, but I didn’t do that. So… upload to allyoucanupload (and chose: Do Not Resize).

It returns a page of information….

To bookmark this page, click Bookmarks | Add bookmark or press Ctrl+D.

You can host this image by copying and pasting the HTML below

Links to thumbnails

or a Blog or Website (ex., MySpace, eBay, Xanga, Blogger)
(presto, it returns a linked thumb. But you cannot see it because WordPress does not like it. I’ve replaced it with the following link…)
[there was a thumbprint here that is a link.]

for a forum or message board (primary)*

for a forum or message board (alternate version)

for an Email or Instant Messenger

Links to original image

for a Blog or Website (ex., MySpace, eBay, Xanga, Blogger)
presto, it returns a linked full-size image. But you cannot see it because WordPress does not like it. I’ve replaced it with the following link…
[The full-size image]
The URL they give you is the full image that is also a link back to the intermediate page. The link I put here is just the image.

for a forum or message board (primary)*

for a forum or message board (alternate version)

direct link to image

Some commentary about this service

AllYouCanUpload is an excellent service. The price is right, and the servers seem snappy.

One item at that page does not work. I am supposed to be able to email myself the URL of the page. I have tried that several times and the email never shows up. I tried the field called: Email Others, and sent it to my gmail account, and that failed too.

All of the above information is really to demonstrate that although it seems as if you are given a large number of choices for accessing your image, none are really suitable. I find that I usually tease out the URL of the main image and then either extract the offered thumb, or make my own. And then use Pagespinner to create my own thumb-and-link. Since the service is for free, I cannot complain… but were I to have a lot of images, and wanted lots of thumbs, it could be very tedious.

AllYouCanUpload is really begging for someone to create an uploader. A useful feature would be that it also records the code of the page for a record on the user’s computer.

Note that the thumbprint (above) takes you to an intermediate page with a nice 586×343 px image, and lots about All You Can Upload + as all of the other links listed above + an ad.
Click on that 586×343 and at last you will see the full sized image. BTW this full sized image is not a link to anything.

Click the full sized image on THIS page (one of the URLs supplied at uploading) and you go to that intermediate page with the ad.

What I don’t have is a thumbprint that simply links to the full sized image. Which is what I REALLY want for my blog. Also, sometime I want to create my own thumbprint. What I’ve done is made my own thumb and sent it to AllYouCanUpload as an original image, and used it with the link to the full sized image. I use Pagespinner to do it. And add the title and alt fields myself.

A really classy uploader would just let me specify one dimention of the thumb, and it would make it, and send it to AllYouCanUpload along with the original.

Like this (which fits nicely in the blog column):

Black Mountain ski runs from the slopes of Strachan. Click for large image.

[You don’t see the picture above the caption. This is because, after AllYouCanUpload and were purchased from CNET by American Greeting, the new owner deleted everything at AllYouCanUpload. This violated the promise made in the AllYouCanUpload FAQ that claimed that the pictures would remain there ‘forever.’]


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