The Story of Malcolm Island

The Tyee has just published a compelling account of the story of the people who have lived on an island that is a 20-minute ferry ride from Vancouver Island’s Port McNeill. It is a tale of minorities trying to create a special community. It has included left-wing Finns, American draft dodgers, and Vietnamese salal harvesters. It also is about island life around the Salish Sea. [For the rest of this story, click the title… ]

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The full story in the Tyee, written by Crawford Killian, is called Radical Finns Persevere off BC Coast.

The Tyee account is actually based on the 2005 book called Practical Dreamers, Communitarianism and Co-operatives on Malcolm Island, by Kevin Wilson, BC institute for Co-operative Studies (2007).

What I found compelling about all of this is that there are people who want to create their own world and live in a manner that is somewhat different, or even radically different, from mainstream Canada.

Who hasn’t, at sometime, wanted to go and live on an island with folks who share our special values? And there live a life that is more in tune with our dreams.

From this map, you can decide for yourself if Malcolm Island is actually in the Salish Sea. Certainly, it is in the same water.

As someone who made the choice to move my family to Bowen Island from Winnipeg, I immediately feel a kinship with these people and their motives.


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