Whytecliff Park has many attractions

Divers enter the water at Whitecliff Marine Park

Divers enter the Marine Park. Click thumb for larger image

It was an amazing scene on Saturday at Whitecliff Park in West Vancouver. [click the title if you cannot see the rest of this article… ]

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We call our celebration The July Babies because so many of us were born in the 7th month. Three families and several generations assemble just for fun. This year we returned to Whytecliff Park at the western end of West Vancouver.

We were surprised to find that the park was filled with people and there was only one remaining parking spot.

The water adjacent to the point is a marine park. On this day, there were several dozen divers entering from the pebble beach. A few are shown in the panorama (above).

Film crews are a frequent sight around Vancouver, and we have seen movies shot at Whitecliff before. So, this was to be expected and frankly it wasn’t even attracting attention from the other visitors.

There were several seals on the rocks. They seemed not to be bothered by the many people who were delighted to see and photograph them.

There were lots of folks, like us who were there for a picnic.

Oh, did I mention a picnic… food? Let me share this with you…

Dessert was a Pavlova. It begins with a bed of meringue,

then some real whipped cream and fresh fruit,

and it is topped with a rich custard.

Ok, the blog is about the Salish Sea, so let me speculate on the reason for so many scuba divers. I suspect it was because it was a weekend, and there was a very low tide at the end of the morning.


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