The Fourth Tower of Inverness – Free on iTunes

Fourth Tower of InvernessStarting on the 18th 10th of September The Fourth Tower of Inverness – Original Radio Version Podcast is presented in its original format, one episode per day. {Edited to note that the series started on Sep 10. See comment below.}

There are 65 episodes. Each one will be available for 7 days so you will have a chance to keep up and stay tuned in. You can subscribe to the podcast feed and let your favorite podcasting software keep up if you like.

You remember radio drama, don’t you? It is like television except the visuals are better and you don’t have to look.

[The rest of this article, including a weak excuse for mentioning it on this blog, is in the next pane. Click the title if you cannot see it… ]

P.S. edited to add: Don’t miss the free podcast of the entire series of Ruby 5, starting June 30, 2008. Details at Free from ZBS: Ruby 5: The Land of Zoots.

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In the 70s, when I worked at the McLaughlin Planetarium in Toronto, our in-house composer, and master of all audio effects, was Tim Clark. In those days, and even today, Tim does work for Tom Lopez and the ZBS Foundation to create wonderful, strange, and thrilling radio.

I believe that The Fourth Tower was the program that introduced Jack Flanders. Now the journeys of Flanders fills fifteen CDs. I can remember when Dreams of Rio was in production, Tim and Tom traveled to Brazil with a bizarre state-of-the-art microphone that was shaped like a human head. It was to record authentic high quality stereo sounds of the local color.

The announcement said that the series starts on the 18th, but my copy of iTunes has already downloaded the first 2 episodes. Each runs about 8 or 9 minutes.

Details here:

Edited to add:

So a friend told you to come to this blog and follow the link to subscribe to “The Fourth Tower of Inverness.”

Now you have listened to the first and maybe the second episode. You’ve heard the wolf howl, met some of the characters, and know that Jack has glimpsed the nonexistent 4th Tower of Inverness.

And you are wondering what this is all about. You know it is going to be a week or so before you have your next audio fix. What do you do? Read the story about how this all came about. It’s is a pretty good yarn. Long for a web-read: about 10 thousand words. Click on the ZBS Story.

Oh, for Canadians and Brits: that name is pronounced, “Zee Bee Ess – not affiliated with CBS.”


8 Responses to “The Fourth Tower of Inverness – Free on iTunes”

  1. 1 Robert September 11, 2007 at 9:05 pm

    Wait! There’s more…

    While you are at to subscribe to “The Fourth Tower” scroll down the page to “Meatball’s Meatballs.” This is a podcast produced by the author of most of the ZBS programs.

    There are two of those ‘casts that I want to to hear. Those are MP3 files and will probably play with your web browser if you click on them.

    Podcast 6 is an interview with Tim Clark. The podcast uses lots of snippets of soundtracks that Tim created. Well, I loved this trip down memory maze. And you may find yourself curious about these marvelous stories.

    Podcast 4 includes three full sketches by the Android Sisters.

    All of ZBS is about audio. Please play through good speakers or use a headset. All you have are your computer’s crummy dime-sized speakers? Okay, anything is better than nothing; and I don’t want you to put off hearing this.

  2. 2 Alex Shapiro September 12, 2007 at 8:19 pm

    Oh, you wicked blogger, you! How dare you tempt we mere mortals with such fine fodder for frittering away our focus! I wish I could listen and work at the same time, but unfortunately those two things sum up my job requirements.


  3. 3 Robert September 13, 2007 at 1:59 pm

    The announcement of the podcast had an error in the date the downloads would be released. It started on Sep 10th, not Sep 18th.

    Thomas Lopez writes:

    There was a mistake, and it has started on the 10th. People will have a week to get the first episodes. Sorry about that, and thanks for letting me know. Hopefully you can make the change on your homepage.


  4. 4 Harry October 18, 2007 at 10:13 am

    I’ve been waiting to find a source for the Fourth Tower series ever since I first heard it on public radio in the 70s – all to no avail.

    Now you blow me away with this announcement only to discover THERE IS NO SUCH THING.

    There is no Fourth Tower or Inverness or ZBS related podcast to be found at itunes and there is no ZBS Website (or it is down entirely – no such server error).

    YIKES – I’m pulling my hair out here!



  5. 5 Robert October 18, 2007 at 11:23 am

    @Harry, yes, something is amiss here. I just checked the web site for the ZBS Foundation and the connection timed out. So far my iTunes has downloaded 37 episodes of The 4th Tower, the last one on October 15th. This event is managed by a web master in New Zealand for Tom Lopez in the New York State. From the whois record, I see that the Internet server is in Texas. My iTunes cannot update this series. So, I am having the same experience as you. I will watch this, and write to Tom next week if they are not back up on the net. The problem for you will be that there is only 1-week of episodes available when the system is working. So you will still not be able to access the first 30-odd clips. You might have to buy the CD (and save the hair-loss).

  6. 6 Robert October 20, 2007 at 11:18 pm

    ZBS seems to be back on the air (Internet). My iTunes has downloaded “Fourth Tower” episodes 38, 39, and 40. With these 3, I have over 25 minutes of catching up tonight. The ZBS Podcast page is back on the Internet; and on it, available for download, are episodes #34 to #40 as MP3s or podcasts.

  7. 7 Gary a Gallucci July 3, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    I played the piano which included one of my etudes [ on a 1920 B Steinway grand] but did not appear on credits — Gary A Gallucci

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