Some snow high in the Salish Sea Watersheds

It is a clear, calm, morning on Bowen Island, and the air is chilly. A cold front passed through last night and I was wondering if it left any new snow in the mountains.

Here at the mouth of Howe Sound in Georgia Strait, there is not a cloud overhead. It is one of those bright, hazy, almost-autumn days that dazzle the eyes.

When I looked at the mountains, all of the highest hills are manufacturing their own gloom around the summits. It is part of the dynamic weather of the mountains that can be frustrating for a hiker. All day you grind up the hill in glorious sunshine, but there are no pictures at the peak: just cold damp fog.

In scanning the local conditions, one of my regular computer stops are web cams on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Sure enough, at 6K feet, it is murky at the Roundhouse, but the good news is: there is the snow! The image is captured from that cam, but it is also a link to the live cams.

Even as I am writing this entry, I can see that the clouds up there are burning off.

When I first moved to the west coast, I sometimes found the long wet winters depressing. There would be days of heavy overcast when it seemed to stay dark all morning long, and then mid-afternoon what light there was would fail, and we would descend into night. Now I know that when it is cold, dark and raining in the City, it is usually snowing only a couple of thousand feet above. Even when I did not have the time for a hike or ski, I could drive up to Mt. Seymour or Cypress Bowl and walk around in a glorious Christmas-card scene.

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