Bowen Island has a plan

Today — dark, misty, and wet — the Bowen Island community gathered to hear the latest plan for Snug Cove. The Chapel became a meeting hall.

Several teams of planners have been working with Council, and the many Bowen Island action groups, to arrive at a detailed concept that is economically feasible, environmentally sustainable, and desirable for the multitude of factions who are passionate about the Island’s future.

The competing issues are daunting. Everyday all of the Island’s ferry traffic flows through Snug Cove. Pedestrians often feel like second class citizens compared to vehicular traffic. Business want places for their clients to park. Almost everyone values arriving off the ferry in the setting of a true Provincial Park (not a ferry marshaling yard). The Municipality wants new amenities and a City Hall that is part of the Cove. And so on.

Some members of the community, who have lived here for decades, recalled earlier plans that never materialized. But the Mayor, and several councilors in the room, seem determined to move this process forward. Councillor Hocking suggested to me that he expected this plan to be posted on the Internet.

This plan is not the end. As someone else once said, “It is not even the beginning of the end…”

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1 Response to “Bowen Island has a plan”

  1. 1 Jocko November 4, 2007 at 11:31 pm

    Hello from Pender Island. Methinks we share similar problems here on Pender. How to manage the daunting problems associated with encroaching suburbanization with sustainable living for the next generation on a relatively tiny island. Many interests, such as tourism, real estate speculation, and strugging small local business, often based on resident artisans have to find a common ground. This is a shared challenge!

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