December Sky – Comet – Meteors

For folks who want to follow Comet Holmes, I have made maps to find it and show its progress during the month of December. You will find them in the next pane along with a mention of the Geminid Meteor Shower. [If you don’t see the next pane, please click the title of this article… ]

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Sky Map December 2007 Track of Comet Holmes December 2007 Printable track of Comet Holmes Dec 2007

The first map shows the whole sky for the month of December 2007. The the black stars on a white background make it suitable for printing. Everything will appear exactly as shown at 11 PM on the night of December 24. Note that on that night the moon is just a little past full, so there will be a brilliant waning gibbous moon on Christmas Eve.

The next two maps are identical, except the middle one shows white stars in a black sky. It shows the track of Comet Holmes during December 2007. There are ticks that show the position at 8 PM for Dec 1, Dec 11, Dec 21 and Dec 30. There is also a circle to show the approximate size of a binocular field. The trick is to use the all-sky map to find the star, Mirfak, and then use one of these close-up maps to locate the comet. The maps are for Bowen Island, but will work well for any mid-latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Geminid Meteor Shower is on the night of December 14. This is right after the new moon, so if the sky is clear, it will be dark, and this should be the best meteor shower of the year. A single observer could observe as many as 120 meteors per hour that night.


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