Free from ZBS: Ruby 5: The Land of Zoots

CD Cover for Ruby 5. ©ZBS.orgPresident Coonstar Bootstah of the Awakening Archipelago has hired Ruby to find out who created the story of the mythical Land of Zoots.

Ruby, the Galactic Gumshoe, has appeared in seven radio series beginning sometime in the 1970s. Ruby-5 has 64 3-minute episodes. Each will be available on iTunes, or for download for only 7 days. Did I say, it’s free?

Is there a connection with the Salish Sea. Well, sort-of. Okay, only slightly. You will love the music, and it is all composed by my friend, Tim Clark. Tim taught me how to make this great pizza.

Details about how to obtain this radio series are at It begins on June 30.

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