New pump for the well

It is wonderful to drink fresh, untreated, well water drawn directly from the deep veins of Bowen Island. But there is a price to pay. The well is 100 metres deep and the flow of water is limited. There is barely enough if we careful with our consumption. The other issue is the fine particulate matter that eventually clogs the pump. This was the week that the old pump was replaced.

Well Head

You are seeing the well head. We’ve pulled up the water pipe and turned on the pump. The pump is in the water at the bottom of that plastic pipe 295′ below. This is the maximum flow the old pump can produce. It’s not enough for a household. It also means that soon the pump will fail completely. The gadget here couples the pipe from the pump with the plumbing that leads to the house. The yellow rope to the winch is tied on to the pump. The winch will help us to pull up the pipe + the pump + motor. My back hurts just remembering the process.

The other problem…

A leak in the pipe

There was a small split in the pipe. When the main flow is blocked you can see a thin stream from just below the clamps. (You may have to click on the image to see the leak.) It allowed air to enter the system so that when we first turned on the pump we could hear the air hissing as it escaped. I had wondered why air was coughing out of the taps in the house.

The Old pump: The old pump

And the new one:

The New Pump

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1 Response to “New pump for the well”

  1. 1 polemicscat August 10, 2008 at 9:33 am

    I can identify with this post. I live atop a mountain, and our well, dug in 1997, puts out about 2 gallons per minute. It was dug after drilling a 500 ft hole that hit no water. The later one struck water at about 310 ft. Our pump is down around 280 ft. The water is delicious but we get a fine black grit with the water that has to be filtered out where the pipe enters our basement. I change filters every three months.

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