Dark Season Ends – The year begins

Readers of this blog know that around here I recognize three seasons.

Valentine’s Day seems to be the transition from the Dark Season to Spring.

It has been an unusual season for snow: We had those big dumps in December, and the last of that snow on the ground will probably vanish from my lawn this week. Normally snow doesn’t stay much more than a week. Up in the hills, where the snow is not melting, the snowpack is unusually thin for this late in the season.

Yesterday I went to ski the local hill with the expectation that the snow would be old, icy, and crusty. I just wanted to be in the forest and have some exercise. Imagine my delight to find that there was 5 to 8 inches of fresh almost-powder waiting for me.
Baden Powell Trail Marker_6663.jpgBusy Glade 6664.jpg

The top of the post is the intersection with the Baden-Powell trail — a familiar landmark — and it shows the depth of the snow. I was successful in finding some untracked snow, but just before I rejoined the main uphill path many tracks converged and you can see the conditions.

And finally, I have this short video, an ugly handheld shot. I am at the crest of the last pitch before skiing down to the road. The power lines are to my right, and below is the entrance to the nordic area. Georgia Strait (the Salish Sea) is part of the stunning view.


2 Responses to “Dark Season Ends – The year begins”

  1. 1 Dona February 16, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Thanks for sharing your skiing experience. Did you see us out there sailing? Great winds! Have a good day! d

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