Ideal Ski Day on Round Mt.

Pause for view - Round Mt.

Pause for view of Tantalus Range from Round Mt.

Yesterday (Thursday) two of us headed up to a favourite local backcountry ski destination: the slopes above Red Heather Meadows in Garibaldi Provincial Park. We expected crummy snow for skiing. Instead we found a foot of powder, dazzling magic hoar frost on the surface, and a diamond hard clear blue sky. The air was calm and just cold enough to keep the snow powdery. The sun made it feel warm and comfortable. Click HERE for the Flickr photostream of the day.

The trip back to the car from the Meadows is an old jeep track that is 5 km long and is continuously downhill. A fast trip and a thigh-burner.

Edited to add:  I’ve been asked how I kept the camera fairly steady while skiing… yes I used a similar technique explained in the Gorillapod Steadicam, except the ski pole was held horizontally. You will notice the camera is low because skiers try to keep their hands low — and I telemark , which is the lowest form of skiing.

Additional Edit: This video was first served using Google Video. After Google bought YouTube the company would not allow further uploads to the old service. Eventually, in an act of very bad faith to its users, Google shut down Google Video and this article became a victim of link-rot. I thought that I no longer had a copy of the clip… but I found this on a backup disk. So now, 2013 Oct 29, I am reposting this video.


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