The Frog Chorus tunes up – Grafton Lake

Digital recording at Grafton Lake

Digital recording at Grafton Lake

I arrived at this rocky point just before 8 PM, yesterday. I hoped that soon the frogs would start tuning up for the evening’s concert. You will hear the road sounds from the main highway across Bowen Island. At its closest it is about 250 m on the left of the stereo field. Other than converting to MP3, and a fade-in and fade-out at each end, this file is unedited.

Edited to add: sometime the above player had difficulty linking with the audio. If it does, the material is stored in a variety of formats at


3 Responses to “The Frog Chorus tunes up – Grafton Lake”

  1. 1 Richard Smith May 5, 2009 at 6:06 am

    Wonderful. Thank you, Robert. Quite a different frog – seems to be dominated by one – than we have over here. I don’t have such a nice recorder, but I will try to get something interesting from this side of the island tonight.

  2. 2 Robert May 5, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    Richard, thanks for the suggestion of recording frogs. Here, high and dry on Millers Landing, we don’t hear them. I enjoyed the time sitting, alone on that rocky point, as it became duskier and the frogs began to croak. It was interesting the way the group chorus came and went in waves at first… often behind the gentle roar of a distant car. Nature speaks volumes to anyone who is willing to spend even a little time away from human society.

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