Find Meager Hot Springs on Google Earth

Google’s satellite images around Whister have been upgraded, but the high quality images do not extend as far as the Meager Hot Springs (see the previous blog article about the Hot Springs). Even the new bridge across Meager Creek is not visible so it is hard to determine exactly where are these features. While we were there I ran a GPS track of the road from the parking lot, across the bridge, and through the forest to the pools of the Hot Springs. By exporting that track in the GPX format, it can be superimposed on Google Earth. The 2D images below are taken in Google Earth, but I invite you to download my GPX file (link to download below), and then while you are in Google Earth, open the GPX file. This will allow you to see the entire area in 3D, and explore the mountains and icefields that are high above the location. My GPS track is accurate to within a few meters.

Junction of Meager Creek with the Lillooet River

Junction of Meager Creek with the Lillooet River

GPS track showing location of Bridge & Meager Hot Springs

GPS track showing location of Bridge & Meager Hot Springs

You may download the GPX file here.
Try it. Google Earth is free from Google.
Simply use open in Google to open that GPX file.

If you click on that link and see a page of text, save it as a text file. Remove the dot txt at the end of the file so that it ends with dot GPX. Google will need to see the GPX extension to be able to load this file.

The region is interesting for many reasons. Backcountry skiers and climbers use this as a staging area for trips to the Pemberton Icefield (to the southeast) and into the Meager Group. The new bridge and the soothing pools of the Hot Springs are most welcome. BTW, these hills are steep, wild, and very high. Don’t attempt to explore if you are not equipped  and trained for a backcountry adventure.


3 Responses to “Find Meager Hot Springs on Google Earth”

  1. 1 Shaili Jain June 20, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    Great update. To record these findings and enhancing them with photo / video annotations, please try our web app You can build your own diary of GPS tracks and share them with any service on the web (blogger, Facebook, Twitter etc.).


  2. 2 Julie Gelfand July 3, 2009 at 9:00 am

    Hi Robert… ok, so for fun, I joined twitter and I am now following you, except, I do not know how to tell you that on twitter!!

    ps, went to saskatoon a few weeks ago and visited with Mary G. She pulled up in a bright blue convertible miata with her birding bucket hat on! go mary go!!

    she is doing quite well, given all she has to contend with (permenant chemo….)



    • 3 Robert July 3, 2009 at 10:55 am

      Wow, It’s Julie! Good to learn about Mary G, thanks. I can see you are VERY NEW to Twitter, but I can also see that you are following me… and I now I am following you too. When someone is following you it is possible to send them a ‘direct message’ (DM). While I do monitor the public comments to me, the ones that begin with @RobertB, I am not very prompt seeing the DMs. Frankly, with Twitter and my RSS feeds, I no longer need to watch/listen to broadcast news, or read the papers… and I usually know about breaking stories hours or even days ahead of the public.

      Now, what about Julie’s blog?


      Good to hear from you. Best wishes… rjb

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