Paul Rickett and the Eisch magic glass

I was in Paul Rickett’s Wine and Beer store today just as he was opening a box containing two brand new Eisch wine glasses that until recently were called Breathable.

Paul Rickett with the Eisch Sensis-Plus wine glass

Paul Rickett with the Eisch Sensis-Plus wine glass

Paul has experimented with these glasses before Eisch lost the court challenge by a competing glassmaker, Riedel, and Eisch can no longer claim that these glasses are breathable. Now that Paul has these glasses I am looking forward to hearing about some scientific experiments comparing the performance of this product. Breathable or not, this is handsome stemware.


1 Response to “Paul Rickett and the Eisch magic glass”

  1. 1 paul rickett April 3, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    I’ve experimented with the Eisch standard red wine glass for some time now. It definitely improves the bouquet and taste of a wine over everyday glasses. My colleague at the store tried the Bordeaux glass we received today. He phoned me at the store tonight to say that both he and his partner felt they were tasting different, and better, wine compared to the off-the-shelf glass. This is echoed by another customer who has a set of these glasses.

    One of our customers is trying the Burgundy glass tonight at a dinner party. I await his feedback. Then I might get to try the new ones out 🙂

    Paul Rickett
    Bowen Island Cold Beer and Wine

    P.S. These glasses were provided by Eisch`s PR company.

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