Brandywine Meadows

Brandywine Meadows looking across to Castle Towers, Black Tusk, and Garibaldi

Brandywine Meadows looking across to Castle Towers, Black Tusk, and Garibaldi

The hike to Brandywine Meadows is one of the most spectacular along the Whistler corridor. I read of people skiing up there only a month ago. We were there on the weekend, and found plenty of melting snow. It was a wonderful place to be on a hot summer’s day.

The road into the area is not well maintained, and is just passable with a 2-wheel drive car, I recommend going slowly and parking before the last hill to the trailhead. We had a 4×4, and easily drove to the trailhead. Probably because of the run-of-the-river project on Brandywine Creek, and the new paved road to the Olympic site in the Callaghan Valley, the new route in begins by taking that Callaghan Valley road, and turning off at the Environment Canada facility, then taking the very rough road south to the old route that follows Brandywine Creek.

Brandywine Creek Road with GPS line to Brandywine Meadows trailSince there are branches everywhere on the road, I ran a GPS track to show the correct line.

To see this dynamically in Google Earth, and explore the area, click on this link >> to Brandywine Meadows. In Google Earth, you may explore by using your mouse to drag the picture, zoom in/out with the scroll wheel, and tilt and turn around the position of the mouse by holding down shift, then moving the mouse. Try it.

The snow will be gone in a couple of weeks, and then this meadow becomes a spectacular garden of flowers and many pretty flowing creeks, Brandywine Meadows 2002. If you have the time, the walk to the top of Brandywine Mountain takes you above the small pocket glacier to a high peak with outstanding views.

The hike from the car remains to the east of the creek that flows from the meadows. It climbs up through the trees. It is steep, sometimes muddy, and there are a number of blow-downs — so it is not easy walking. The meadows allows for a relaxed ramble before you will face the steeps if you are going all of the way to the top. The summit is not a causal walk, and should be done by folks accustomed to mountain travel, scrambling and route finding.

On August 13, 2006, I was there when the meadows were blooming:


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