Bowen’s National Park Preliminary Concept

Preliminary National Park Concept Presented to Bowen Islanders

Wayne Bourque presents Preliminary National Park Concept to Bowen Islanders

Today, at 2:30 PM PST, Wayne Bourque of Parks Canada presented Parks Canada’s Preliminary Concept for a National Park Reserve on Bowen Island. The meeting was held in the Bowen Island Community School. About 180 people attended. Below is a complete audio recording of the event. It was made with a Zoom H1. The material was edited only for fade in/out at the beginning and end, and for MP3 96 kbps.


This audio material is stored here at: The Internet Archive and may be retrieved from that site.

Bowen Island National Park Reserve Concepts


2 Responses to “Bowen’s National Park Preliminary Concept”

  1. 1 Rob Cairns February 27, 2011 at 12:29 pm


    Is there any way to make this searchable? For example, I would like to hear Councillor Hooper’s response to a question from the floor. How can I find it without listening to the whole tape? I don’t seem to be able to even fast forward or skip ahead in any way?


  2. 2 Robert March 1, 2011 at 11:40 am

    Rob, that audio file is very large and it takes a while to load. The green line that proceeds under the box marked ‘Track #1’ shows how much of the file has loaded into your browser (and therefore, into your computer). That box is actually a clickable timeline. The limitation is that you can hear only what has already loaded. The time printed on the right side of the box reveals the position of the virtual playback head. Once the whole file has loaded (the green line has extended all the way under the box), you can click anywhere in the timeline — and therefore skip instantly forward and backward.

    No, it is not searchable. I understand that some of the members of your committee have copies of this file broken into 15-minute sections, and I think that they may be transcribing the commentary.

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