The real Millers Landing

When my family was younger we’d often walk down to Millers Landing. Here on Bowen Island, this whole dome of land — the first broad point north of Snug Cove — is called Millers Landing. There was a Landing here, and beside the old ruins of the Landing is a tiny beach. There has always been a secret public path to the pebble beach.

Path to Millers Landing from the end of Millers Road, Bowen Island

Path to Millers Landing

Today, after a cold rain the sun shone weakly and I decided to go for a walk. I guess it has been years since I’ve been down to Millers Landing. I live about 100 metres above the Sound, and the walk by the road is about 10 minutes. I was surprised to find that the town has put up a sign, and graded and gravelled the once-rustic path.

There is even a handrail and stairs down to the water.

On hot summer days, it is nice to walk down here for a dip in Howe Sound.

The pebble beach at Millers Landing

The little pebble beach at Millers Landing

Today it was cold. There is a lot of snow up on those mountains. I’ll be up there tomorrow.

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