Explore the Roe Creek to Brew Meadows Trail with GPS

This is more on our hike last Thursday (see previous post). I thought it would be largely a bushwhack and I’d need GPS to find the route. Although rustic, and not in any of the guide books, the path is well marked and fairly easy hiking. It is certainly an excellent short day trip into the local high country. It is very buggy and muddy in the summer, and is probably well-used by backcountry skiers in the winter. Right now, it is a lovely and lonely sub-alpine ramble. Please don’t try to hike this in the winter… the skiers will not like you post-holing their ski track.

To dynamically explore my GPS track on Google Earth (in a web browser), click on this picture below. Wait for Google Maps to upload the GPS data. If you expand the Time Line arrow, you can then move the arrow on the right to see where we were and when. To pivot the image, put your mouse over a spot on the map, and hold down your shift key, then move the mouse.

GPS Track - Roe Creek to Brew Mountain Meadows

Some out-of-date guide books describe the Roe Creek Road as difficult to drive. Actually, it is in wonderful condition, and in good weather can be managed by 2-wheel drive vehicles (if you don’t mind logging roads). As we approached our car at the end of our hike we could hear a huge mechanical clatter, and a road grader rumbled by. Even the spur above the Roe Creek Main was being levelled.

Roe Creek Road Grader

If you are interested in skiing here in the winter, a well known destination is the Brew Hut. For information about going there visit the Varsity Outdoor Club Brew Hut Wiki page.

For images and video from this hike, please see the previous blog entry.


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