A festival of the Android Sisters

Every day for a month, and for free, you can have your fix of the Android Sisters’ social satires.  Android Sisters - album cover - © ZBS FoundationThese are actually tiny podcasts. Meatball Fulton, writer of these speak-song ditties, will say a few words before each song. He´ll tell you where the idea for the song came from, or who he stole it from, or simply why it´s not his fault. He´ll keep his comments short and snappy. And then he´ll play the song.  Who are the sisters? You probably know this one: Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep? For the podcast, Click here, or on the picture, to go to the page with the current audio file. The music is by Tim Clark – who is responsible for the great pizza described elsewhere on this blog. For more information go to the ZBS Foundation (there is nothing about pizza at ZBS, search this blog for how to make those pies). [Well this offer is long gone, but click the link for Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep for a wonderful sample of the Android Sisters. Any of the other links will take you to ZBS.]

1 Response to “A festival of the Android Sisters”

  1. 1 gaian May 22, 2013 at 11:15 pm

    i freaking LOVE the android sisters!

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