Ramble on Brohm Ridge

The summer is slipping away, and we haven’t been out in the hills since ski-season ended. We needed exercise, and we probably were limited to locations that are inspiring, but didn’t have epic altitude gain. Yesterday, we chose Brohm Ridge. It is not frequented by the muscle-powered wilderness travellers (hikers and skiers) because tenure for this area, adjacent to Garibaldi Provincial Park, is held by the Black Tusk Snowmobile Club. I’ve always found these motorized folks to be friendly, and I was under the impression that they maintained the road. Actually the road was in very rough shape, and our trip up and down the hill was very slow with several stops to move stones out of the way. It required a 4×4 with low range. All day, we saw only 3 other people, all on motorcycles.

The location is spectacular. Brohm is long high ridge that extends westward from the north-side glaciers of Mt. Garibaldi for about 4-1/2 kilometers into the Whistler Corridor. The top of the broad ridge rises from about 5 thousand feet to just over 6 thousand feet at the glaciers. The views in all directions are staggering.

The upper area of the road is guarded by a gate, so we parked at 4550′.

The gate guarding the upper section of Brohm Ridge, Mt Garibaldi

The gate guarding the upper section of Brohm Ridge, Mt Garibaldi. Our ridge-walk will be along the ridge that is the horizon-line on the left

On the drive up the hill (we took the road that passes Cat Lake — just north of Squamish) the aspect is west, so we had views of the Tantalus Range, but never saw Mt. Garibaldi. Moments after we left the car, we rounded a corner and an IMAX moment  — we reached the gate and could see that we were acutally on a ridge of the great volcano.

From there the road wanders down and up for about 2-3/4 km to the lodges of the snowmobile club. You can see it and the view toward Tantalus if their web cam is up and the weather is clear at: BTSC Web Cam.

It is another 2 km or so up to the main ridge. After that, we simply marched along looking at the views.

If you have a copy of Google Earth, You can view exactly what we saw.

Mt Garibaldi and Brohm Ridge in Google Earth. Looking West.

Mt Garibaldi and Brohm Ridge in Google Earth.
Looking West. Camera shows where I took the picture.

Download this file << to take you to the exact location where I took a picture of Mt. Garibaldi and it will superimpose my image over the mountain. You can then control the opacity to compare the image with the virtual image in GE. If you explore the region in GE, you will see that Brohm Ridge provides the fastest access to Garibaldi for climbers heading for the summit.

Click any of my images to see a larger version. It was a hazy day, so the distant hills have a dreamy quality.

Looking South. the peaks on the left are the Sky Pilot group. The depression between the two knolls is Howesound - lost in the haze.

Looking South. the peaks on the left are the Sky Pilot group. The depression between the two knolls is Howe Sound – lost in the haze.

In the distance, to the west, the Tantalus Range

In the distance, to the west, the Tantalus Range. The highest peak is Mt. Tantalus at 8540′.

The Black Tusk and Mt Price

To the north: 7598′ Black Tusk, and 6721′ Mt Price. Mt Price always looks like paint is slopping down its sides from the rim.

Mt Garibaldi from Brohm Ridge

Mt Garibaldi, 8787′ (we are too close to see the summit) from Brohm Ridge – this is the same image that is included in the file that will superimpose this picture in Google Earth (file posted above)


4 Responses to “Ramble on Brohm Ridge”

  1. 1 stuart September 10, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Interesting photo journey, which shows the snow melt levels. A few years ago, we walked along the ridge to the top of a shark-fin like point that you can see in your photo, just under Mt Garibaldi. Then, a lone hiker came out after camping overnight under Table Mountain. So, there is a lot more terrain to explore back there.

  2. 2 Robert September 10, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    “Back there…” Yes, it is one of the gateways to the Garibaldi Névé and all of Garibaldi Provincial Park. It is certainly the most direct line to the tourist route up the Warren Glacier to the summit of Mt. Garibaldi. When you reached that fin-like feature, you had just crossed the boundary into Garibaldi Park. I had lunch on that bump, some years ago when I was walking there by myself. I was entertained by the amount of rockfall from the nearby Dalton Dome.

    About the snow, lots of snow that arrived this past winter and spring. So there, above 5000 ft. there was still lots of snow, especially on the north side of the hills. I think that Table Mountain, and all the local mountains are exotic – and show evidence of all the volcanic activity.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. 3 linhartb March 22, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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