We built a 9-foot inside diameter igloo on Hollyburn Mt.

9-foot diameter igloo 2012 December 29

9-foot diameter igloo 2012 December 29

It has been years since our group wanted to build an igloo. On Saturday morning at 7:45 am we assembled at the Hollyburn parking lot, and the igloo was completed about 1:15 pm. Click the image for the Clubtread thread about how we build these wonderful snow structures (this one is mentioned lower down in the thread). If you are in the Vancouver area it is easy to visit, here is a map with directions: http://goo.gl/maps/P07zO.

We have had lots of rain at sea level, so we expected there would be plenty of snow above 3000 feet. There was. The old forest was awesome with thick fresh snow on the trees and at least a couple of metres on the ground. The day was grey and misty. It did not photograph well (at least taking snap shots), but was almost spiritual with its sound absorbing silence. A walk in those woods is a wonderful uplifting cure for anyone depressed by the short days and rain at low altitudes.

Fine print: this igloo was made with the finest materials (Canadian snow) and excellent workmanship. Nevertheless any user enters the site at his/her own risk. Snow changes its characteristics over time and with local conditions. The igloo is very heavy, and the structure will eventually fail. Use your own judgment when approaching or entering it. It is not a kids’ play structure. It is, after all, just made of snow. Please repair any damage.

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