32,000 coho salmon released on Bowen Island

Yesterday I was invited to watch as the fish hatchery on Bowen Island, operated by the volunteers of the Bowen Island Fish & Wildlife Club, released 32,000 coho salmon into local creeks. They will live in these fresh water creeks and ponds for a year before heading out on their long ocean voyage.


1 Response to “32,000 coho salmon released on Bowen Island”

  1. 1 margo May 19, 2013 at 11:05 am

    Congratulations on the salmon release Bowen Island!

    and what an interesting observation on a post you made couple of years ago re: difference in weather in Howe Sound – we are over on the mainland (even tho many people think we are on an island – just cuz there’s a ferry (and not an expensive Port Mann bridge!)

    anyway – we view you from Langdale area – can see the Lions and Cypress bowl lights – and Hutt Isl and 15-minute Point on bowen

    if i had a better camera – i would photo the normal outflow that we can see from here heading right in to your little bowen ferry terminal (it would appear) — arctic smoke sometimes too.

    it is also interesting how often (very recently this past spring) the snow is quite low on the Britannia Range toward Squamish … then it visibly slopes UP toward Eagle Ridge area. It is like taking a ruler and drawing a snow line.

    we have a road here on SC Coast mainland – old hiway – that in the winter truly is bare from Gibsons Landing and all the way in to the Sound incld around Granthams Landing – then at Soames Pt becomes snow and ice. Same thing happens off the flank of Mt Elphinstone – right where SCRD Area E ends and Area F begins (we call it the Lower Road – aka “beyond the cemetary” –

    well, i suppose another measurement would be looking at the rainfall in Delta vs Port Mellon (or even Sechelt and Port Mellon)

    Howe sound is amazing for its natural wonders – and an interesting part of colonial – BC history – ie when the europeans “discovered” it – i hope that legacy doesn’t mean that they think they can test those brit subs in here (the ones canada bought and paid another fortune to refit – there was one in here a while ago – eerie sight) – we would rather see the dophins and orcas sailing past our communities, thank you! (Oh and some BC Ferries, and tug boats too)

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