The Non-Winter of 2014–2015

The View From the Sea To Sky Gondola looking down at Howe Sound

The View From the Sea To Sky Gondola
Looking down at Howe Sound from 885m above sea level
Click image for the live web-cam

It is the last Sunday in March. Today at sea-level it is very dark and raining. As a backcountry skier, this should be good news. If the temperatures were below 7ºC here, it should be almost a blizzard above 900 metres — beautiful big flakes creating a soft blanket of snow. Last season was also fairly grim for skiing; but here is what we found in Garibaldi Park almost exactly one year ago:

The local ski hill in Cypress Provincial Park (that calls itself CypressMountain even though no such mountain exists there) is reporting no snow this past week, no skiing, and a temperature of +5ºC. Mount Seymour is a bit more inland, and reports that the temperature up there is even warmer: +9ºC. There is no snow at the base and only 142 cm has fallen this year. Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island, which can receive epic quantities of snow, is on standby hoping for a few dumps before the season ends.

To see the conditions in Howe Sound at sea level, check the weather station at Pam Rocks. The winds are an outflow of 12 knots from the Northeast and the temperature is +7ºC There is a live web-cam at the SeaToSky Gondola looking down at Howe Sound from 885 metres, and it is obvious that there is no snow at that altitude

Although it is raining and +4ºC in the village of Whistler, the mountains Blackcomb and Whister are very tall and it is snowing in the alpine. The temperature at 1650m is 0ºC, -1º at 1835m, and -3ºC at Whistler Peak 2180m.

For us backcountry folk, this means if we are willing to hike up in the rain to above 1500 metres, we will find some snow. When I talk about this possibility, I am not finding much enthusiasm among my companions. It is too soon to give up on this winter completely, but the prospects are not promising. Over a beer, we are wondering if this is a freak year, or if this is the consequence of climate change and we can expect more years like this one. In the meantime, I am trying to keep fit on my indoor exercise bicycle.


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  1. 1 Pauline Le Bel March 29, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    Robert, Paul and I got fit today by marching to the Woodfibre LNG office in Squamish with 500 others to support the Skwomesh Action group who are defending Howe Sound against the proposed LNG plant which would damage their estuary, poison the waters of the Sound and destroy the beauty there.

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