An 80 minute free ZBS Retrospective

ZBS Radio Drama Retrospective Readers of this blog know I love radio drama — and my favourite stories are created by the ZBS Foundation. This week, while I was travelling, an announcement arrived in my email about an 80-minute program of audio episodes of ZBS radio plays. Back in June, Meatball Fulton, the creator of Jack, Ruby, The Android Sisters, and many others, was asked by Hear Now: The Audio Fiction & Arts Festival to put together a retrospective to present at the festival.

The Retrospective is now online, and you may go directly to the SoundCloud 80-minute audio track with commentary by author and producer, Meatball Fulton.

This is luscious stereo audio, and it is worthy of better sound than your computer speakers will produce. I recommend pumping it through a good hifi system or, the way I prefer, listen with a great headset. No, not a gamer’s headphones — if you are looking for quality sound reproduction, perhaps pick something from the Grado catalogue where even the low-end cans sound great and are not expensive.




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