Where to find snow? (Diamond Head)

It’s spring. Here in British Columbia’s lower mainland the fruit trees and daffodils are blooming and the weather is mild. Some of us are looking up at the flecks of snow we see glinting on the tops of the local hills… and wondering, “How far do I have to drive or walk to find snow that is deep enough to ski?” This weekend, as part of our skiing I noted the answer to that question… and it is here as an historical record of the spring of 2016

Diamond Head Parking Lot & Trailhead 2016april3The weather has remained chilly, and we’ve had lots of precipitation lately, so there is a mighty snowpack somewhere up there. We took the Mamquam Road out of Squamish. It provides the closest access to Garibaldi Park from Vancouver. Mamquam Rd. crosses Ring Cr. [elevation 71 ft, lat 49.733684°, long -123.114137°] and becomes a rough mountain road that climbs to the Diamond Head Parking Lot and Trailhead. The trailhead is at 3200 ft. [trailhead lat 49.750206° long -123.053084°]. There was almost no snow in the woods. The trail is an old Jeep track, and because it is open to the sky it collects lots of snow. Well, the snow on the lower section of the trail has almost melted away.

In some sunny places the trail was patched out and we stepped carefully over the rocky path with our skis. this is the first major switchback on the trail [lat 49.749963° long -123.047329° elevation 3698 ft].
First switchback on the Diamond Head Trail 2016april3
About one and a half kilometres farther, the track has climbed gently to the northern side of the ridge, and the skier is in old growth forest. Here there is lots of snow. I realized how much there was at the waterfall. We were only 800 feet higher than the parking lot [Waterfall, lat 49.761572° long -123.047500° elevation 4073 ft].Waterfall - Trail to Red Heather Meadows

Conclusion: the snow is up there. And lots. But count on climbing above 4000 feet to find it.


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