Where to Find Snow? (Roe Creek)

This season we are finding that some of the familiar routes to great spring skiing are no longer easily available. On March 19 we discovered that the road into the wonderful valley to the NW of Cloudburst Mt. was blocked by a recent collapse of a cliff (49.950275, -123.290549).

Rockfall on the branch road above High Falls Creek - Cloudburst Mt.

We had a nice walk that day… but we were very far from Tricouni Meadows or the summit of Cloudburst Mt. and adventures we’ve enjoyed here in the past: Cloudburst from the Tricouni Trail.

A reliable destination has always been the road to the head of Roe Creek, so that’s where we went yesterday. We made it only to the intersection with Branch Road 200 (50.010479, -123.205308). Three other cars were parked there, and we wondered why.

Cars parked on the Roe Creek Road at Branch Road 200

Beyond this point, the road has been deactivated. Immediately beside this intersection, the road has been trenched to guide the water flow from along BR200 down to Roe Creek.

Roe Creek Road deactivated

Looking up BR 200 several mighty logs have been placed across the road as barrier. In the past couple of years, this has become the site of active logging.

Branch Road 200 above Roe Creek - Barrier

BR200 has been an important route for backcountry travellers because it leads to the trail to Brew Mt. Meadows and the Brew Hut. It was a warm sunny day, and we could see almost continuous snow on this road. So, we tossed our skis over the barrier, and could snap into our binding right there and begin to skin up. There were a few small open patches of road, but most of the way up we were on lovely soft spring corn.

Snow on Branch Road 200 above Roe Creek

Above 3500 ft, the new logging clear cuts had enough snow on them for us to make a few turns and enjoy some great mountain views. That’s Cloudburst across the next valley. We’ve skied off the top of that, and it was fun to explore the gullies we’ve skied over there from this point of view.

Cloudburst Mt. from the clearcut above Roe Creek

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