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Eclipse 1979 remembered

In 1979 I was the director of the Manitoba Planetarium. Some friends believed that one of the reasons that I took that job was because I knew that on February 26 the Path of Totality of a solar eclipse included the City of Winnipeg. Previously, I’d traveled to see four eclipses. That very chilly morning, with Bill Guest, I was the co-host of CBC’s live coverage of the event. It has been decades since I’ve seen that program. I was pleased to find that it has been uploaded to YouTube. (The features that cut away from the program have been edited out.)

Edited on 2015 Oct 13 to add: Only this year, CBC posted this interview with Solar Magic producer, Earl Barnholden, and the broadcast co-host, Robert Ballantyne: VIDEO From the CBC archives: ‘The great eclipse’ of the sun, 1979

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