Cheap easy compost bin

In Winnipeg we had a large vegetable garden, and I maintained three big compost piles. They were really cheap and easy: for each I’d buy 18 feet of 4-foot welded stucco wire and form a cylinder with it. That’s all I did — other than throw compostables into it. The compost was turned once/year, if that. It made lots of great compost.

That design failed here on Bowen Island. The deer think that my compost pile is their dining room table, and they stamp down the sides to access their meal. I see many elegant compost bins that either use lots of plastic, or require many hours of carpentry. We are talking about the recycling of waste, not constucting a family heirloom. So, here is what I am trying now. (This is what I made today.)

Sketchup 2x2 cedar for frame of composter

The frame will be 2″x2″x4′ cedar connected with galvanized carriage bolts. Diagram made with Sketchup. It will support 18′ of stucco wire

Completed Compost Bin

This is the completed compost bin.

The stucco wire is attached to the frame with stainless wire. I will use more before it is deployed. The front is on the left, and can be removed by taking off 2 nuts & washers. In a year or so, I’ll let you know how it works. If it does, I’ll make more. It is very big… I might try something smaller.


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